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Wellington Mānuka Honey Company Fundraiser

Spread the word and earn fundraising dollars

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up with us.
  2. We’ll give you a unique fundraising code.
  3. If you want, we can give you flyers.
  4. Let your networks and communities around NZ know our story, and that every pot of honey they buy helps you out.
  5. For every completed order on our website that features your special code, 10% of the sales value of all purchases (excluding delivery) will be all yours.
  6. We’ll process and deliver the order.
  7. Each month we pay your funds as a donation to your nominated bank account.

That’s it.

Bee Fresh Farms Terms and Conditions

  1. In undertaking this fundraising activity, fundraising groups agree to abide by Bee Fresh Farms terms and conditions.
  2. The fundraiser is open to schools, sports clubs and registered charities (“fundraising groups”).  If you are unsure whether your group is eligible, please get in touch: sales@beefresh.nz.
  3. At all times fundraising groups will represent the Bee Fresh Farms brand and the Wellington Mānuka Honey Company brand in good faith, and undertakes to do nothing that undermines the reputations of those brands.
  4. To sign up, initial contact must be from the principal, chairperson or chief executive of the fundraising group. We ask that they: outline the purpose of the fundraising activity, advise the lead contact person’s name and contact details, and provide the bank account number to which your funds will be paid.  This can be done by email or letter to the named Bee Fresh Farms contact person.
  5. Bee Fresh Farms will confirm that your group is accepted, provide your unique fundraising code and any other requested collateral prior to your commencement of the fundraising activity.
  6. Bee Fresh Farms will pay funds (“fundraising payments”) based on honey purchases made through our website (www.beefresh.nz) where the customer has used your unique fundraising code, and has paid in full.
  7. Fundraising payments are calculated as per the offer emailed to you.
  8. Delivery or freight charges are excluded from the calculation of fundraising payments.
  9. Where fundraising payments are generated, they will be paid monthly, by the end of the month following the month of fundraising activity.
  10. Bee Fresh Farms reserves the right to decline any fundraising group without explanation.
  11. Bee Fresh Farms reserves the right to end a relationship with a fundraising group without notice, or without explanation.
  12. Where the relationship between Bee Fresh Farms and the fundraising group has come to an end, fundraising payments for sales received up to two months after the close off date for the fundraiser will be paid, provided the sale has been made in accordance with all terms and conditions stated in this document.

Wellington Mānuka Honey Company products and price list*

Product Size   Recommended retail inc GST
Raw Mānuka Honey MG 350+
Origin: New Zealand               

250 g $45
Raw Mānuka Honey MG 250+
Origin: Greater Wellington  

250 g
500 g
Raw Mānuka Honey MG 150+
Origin: Greater Wellington

250 g
500 g
Raw Mānuka Honey MG 100+
Origin: Greater Wellington

250 g
500 g
Raw Mānuka Honey MG 50+
Origin: Greater Wellington

250 g
500 g
Raw Mānuka Honey
Origin: New Zealand

250 g
500 g
Raw Mānuka Honey Art label
Cable Car, Beehive, Bucket Fountain
Origin: Greater Wellington

250 g $17.50

*Prices subject to change without notice

March 2019