Welcome to Bee Fresh Farms

About Us

The bee’s place in our world is vital. Bees, along with flowers, human beings and everything that developed alongside humans, are interconnected in our global ecosystem.

The admirable qualities – nurturing and sustaining life on earth – of these modest yet hard working and productive insects are an inspiration for Bee Fresh Farms.

Bee Fresh Farms sells Wellington-origin foods and products that are as pure and simple as nature intended them to be. We retail quality mānuka and other honeys through our Wellington Manuka Honey Company brand, while our recently launched Bee Fresh Farms Care Range offers our own handmade mānuka soaps, beeswax wraps and lip balms.


Wellington Mānuka Honey Company is the proud flag bearer for quality mānuka honey from New Zealand’s capital city and surrounding areas. Each product offers the goodness of a 100% pure New Zealand nectar. Our mānuka honeys are raw and unprocessed, retaining their natural qualities from hive to jar.

Trading under Bee Fresh Farms, we are fierce in our support of local, heartfelt in the knowledge that the Wellington region offers some of the finest raw ingredients available, anywhere. We source our honeys from nearby beekeepers and keep our own hives in the region. Our commitment to a Wellington provenance allows us to give back to our community. In working with small-scale beekeepers to provide our raw products, sourcing gear and materials locally, working with local businesses and selling direct to customers, Bee Fresh Farms remains truly connected to the environs that we call home.


If you buy Bee Fresh Farms, you are buying quality products that are made with care and packed with flavour, without compromise.


Through the entire chain of production, Bee Fresh goods are made with top ingredients, produced, packed, shipped and stored with utmost care.


Produced without harmful ingredients or processes.


Ingredients and products sourced from the land, nurtured using methods that are sustainable and respectful of planet earth. Our producers strive for environmentally friendly packaging that will do justice to the wonderful foodstuffs on offer.

New Zealand made

Produced in New Zealand, and as much as possible, using local ingredients.

Handmade, crafted or extracted

Limited in batch sizes, overseen by real people combining modern production techniques with time-honoured traditions.