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Bee Fresh Fusion Honey Mini Set

$35.00 NZD

Fusion Honey

Bee Fresh Fusion honeys combine our gorgeous wildflower honey with a complementary food staple to produce an all-natural, delicious pairing. They are quite simply a delight to the tastebuds. There are no other additives, so you can be assured of a product that is as pure as what is written on the label! All are made using Wellington-origin honey and other ingredients that are primarily New Zealand-sourced.


Chilli Honey is heated to infuse chilli into delicious wildflower honey, then left for several days to develop a full-flavour. Hand made in small lots, each batch will vary in flavour depending on the variety of chilli available, such as birds eye, jalapeno, scotch bonnet. Unfortunately we are unable to take requests for chilli type and will fill orders with what is in stock at the time. We aim for a medium to medium-hot heat level, and the honey consistency will vary from soft/spreadable to firm. Use as a condiment on a platter, for marinating or that chilli hit in a hot chocolate.


Jazz up your food with a zeal and a zing! Ginger is infused with our tasty, light wildflower honey to bring a zingy hit to your favourite foods. Use our Ginger Fusion Honey in drinks, glazes and even baking to add a burst of flavour.


Mānuka-smoked honey is cold-smoked using mānuka wood chips.  Delicious on cheese, platters or for a smokey finish to your favourite honey drink.

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Contains: 1 x 150g Chilli, 1 x 150g Ginger and 1 x 150g Smoked